History of Serving:

80’ We mainly focused on ministry toward visa students 

90’ Our youth ministry welcomed a lot of students, we established campus fellowships in six different high schools. We also helped a lot of new immigrants settling in Canada as their new home.

2006 Built our phrase I building in the under service north east corner of Markham. We mainly served Chinese community and also welcomed other ethnic groups. 

We focused on helping family building better relationship, provided pre-marriage and marriage courses. We named our community work as “Relationship Central”.

We provided programs around children and family such as children and youth parenting, parent and toddler play group, etc.

2009 Children well round development was important to us, we had eight weeks children summer camp in various topics catering different needs of a child development.

2010 We had annual community big event to establish a good relationship with our community.

2012 Partnered with Living Water Counselling Centre, we focused on the need of mental wellness. We also started to partner with different charity organization to serve the needs of the community.

2015 We established Dorcas Centre, affiliated under Rhenish Church of Canada. Our mission is “Serving Community & Transforming Life”, which based on selfish love and giving.

2018-2019 till now “Collaborate and Serve” is our main strategy. We partnered with Hong Fook Mental Wellness Association to better encourage the community in understanding mental wellness. We provide space for Hong Fook to set up an office and it is called “Family Hub”. 

Our Phrase II construction of a gymnasium had completed, we partnered with sport organization Tacsports in launching all kinds of sport activities. Our program and services are surrounding mental wellness and building a healthy physique and family.


80年代: 外展對象主要是留學生。

90年代: 在移民潮在分別六間中學做青少年工作, 幫助移民家庭適應加拿大生活

2006 拓展建堂於缺乏社區服務的萬錦市東北區,服務對象主要是華人,亦包括新移民及其他族裔。

著重幫助家庭建立良好関係。提供婚前和婚姻課程。當時我們的社區工作命名為”Relationship Central”

開始兒童及家庭工作, 例如兒童和青少年育兒講座,幼兒及父母互動時間。

2009 著重看重兒童身心靈發展,照顧兒童不同發展的需要,每個夏季設有八個星期不同內容的夏令營。例如:EQ, 體育,音樂, 學術。

2010 建立與社區良好的關係, 舉辦大型社區慶祝活動。

2012 與泉源輔導中心, 專注心理健康。並與其他不同非牟利機構共同服侍社區需要。

2015 正式成立多家匯社區中心, 多家匯隸屬於加拿大華人基督教禮賢會。秉承愛與無私的施予,履行我們「熱心服侍社區、締造豐盛生命」的宗旨

2018-2019 匯聚社區服務,與康福中心合作,讓康福中心設有辦工作和 family hub,攜手促進心靈健康。另與體育團體 Tacsports 合作,與新的體育館設施一起發展,適合各年齡及家庭的體育活動。全面發展服務及活動。