Newsletter on May 27, 2020

Dorcas Connect

Dear friends of Dorcas,

Enjoy or Annoy享受或煩惱

Some of you may be enjoying staying home. Some of you may be hanging there and wish to go out as soon as possible. Do not feel guilt when you are enjoying yourself. Do not feel hopeless when you are desperate at this moment.
For those who are enjoying your time staying home, you may want to share with others與他人分享 what you have been doing while you stay at home. You may try to help others to cut their hair, plant some beautiful flowers in your garden and cut some flowers to brighten the days of those who need it. You may try a new recipe and consider deliver some goodies to treat a senior who stay home alone.
For those who cannot stand another day of staying home. You need to help yourself幫助自己 to set up a healthy routine. I encourage you to practise four positive thoughts 積極的想法such as appreciating others, encouraging yourself and counting your blessings to overshadow any negative thoughts 掩蓋任何一個消極的想法that come to your mind.

The following are the very helpful workshops 有用的研討會 called “Together we thrive”. They are hosted by Hong Fook that can help you to stay positive and grow in a surprising way during the time you stay home.
1 pm to 2 pm: Dr. Michael Mak – English Webinar.
2 pm to 3 pm: Dr. Kenneth Fung – Cantonese 粵語 Webinar.
3 pm to 4 pm: Dr. Brian Cho – Korean 한국어Webinar.
4 pm to 5 pm: Dr. Albert Allen – Vietnamese Tiếng Việt Webinar.
5 pm to 6 pm: Dr. Alex Xiang – Mandarin 国语Webinar.

Have a blessed day
Mavis Fung
Executive Director of Dorcas Centre