Newsletter on Apr 23, 2020

Dorcas Connect

Dear friends of Dorcas 


I hope everyone is safe and well at home. We would like to thank you all our front-line workers

感謝我們所有的前線工作人員, for working hard each and every day to make sure that Canadians get the help they urgently need. City of Markham is asking community to help in donating protective equipment. 

社區幫助捐贈防護設備. The gear needs to be brand new and up to the standard. Detail will be found in the following link

MP of Markham-Unionville Bob Saroya will provide 5 masks per each family 每個家庭提供5個口罩. and the priority will be given to Markham-Unionville residents. If you find yourself in need of masks, please send the following information with your request to, They will arrange for the delivery to you in due course. 

There is also financial help from Canada’s new emergency benefit for students (CESB) 

加拿大對學生提供的緊急福利. The plan will provide $1250 a month from May to August for post secondary students whose employment has been affected by the pandemic or whose prospects for future employment have been affected

Also want to take this opportunity to share some tips about keeping a balance life in this challenging time

21 things that might help you relieve some stress緩解一些壓力 from BuzzFeed

I find some of the tips from that article are helpful

  • 簡短課程Crash course’s youTube channel trailer to help you learn a lot about specific topic in a short amount of time.

  • Bolinda Audiobooks有聲 讀物

  • A beginner’s guitar 初學者吉他and a great Spotify playlist that will give you all the tools you will need to pause everything else in your life and try to learn a new skill.
  • A nicely scented candle 香味的蠟燭you can use to fill your home with a lovely fragrance that will surely help you relax (or at the very least, cover up the fact you can’t remember when your last shower was).
  • Stuff that’ll help you embrace an old childhood hobby童年愛好, like making friendship bracelet kits or calligraphy books, to keep your mind focused on a somewhat simple task and keep your hands busy at the same time.

I personally read the words in the Bible讀聖經中的安慰 which brings me comfort everyday and helps me to put things into right perspective

The following is the face book link of our church Sunday worship, hope you can join us in the future


Mavis Fung

Executive Director of Dorcas Centre