Newsletter on June 3, 2020

Dorcas Connect

Dear friends of Dorcas,
We long to see each other again, what should we do to stay connected保持聯繫 till the day we can see each other. You are not alone你並不孤單, and you don’t need to feel lonely. There is always that special someone you can connect with.
Mother Teresa once said, “the most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved”
There are 5 tips staying connected while social distancing.

  1. Connect digitally: Start the day with friends and coffee or host a happy hour together, join a virtual watch party of a movie or show, even host a digital dinner party.
  2. Attend a class or event virtually: Schools, gym, yoga studios and local attractions such as zoos, museums are getting creative, offering opportunities to enjoy what they offer digitally.
  3. Reconnect with family: It is a good time to connect with your family and share some old fond memory. You can try to see the old photos together.
  4. Have a neighbourhood hangout: Driveways, yards, sidewalks make it easier to set boundaries while allowing neighbors to get outside and connect.
  5. Make a phone call: Simply make a phone call and good to hear someone’s voice. It can brighten someone’s day.

You can be the special person to the people around you.

You may check in the following link that provides a lot of online free resources for virtual tours such as NASA Live, explore Venice, access to 500 museums and art galleries, exploring the oceans. It will provide the link to online learning such as introduction to engineering, 450 Ivy league courses and learn useful things to say in different languages.

Mavis Fung
Executive Director of Dorcas Centre